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Great Umari Mosque of Ramle

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    Sderot Shlomo HaMelech 10, Ramla, Israel
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    Ancient Crusader basilica


A 12th-century building, it is one of the few buildings from the Crusader period still standing. It was originally a basilica with three naves and two transepts, with the solidity and sobriety characteristic of the Christian buildings of the time. The particular that stands out is that the apse points in the direction of Nazareth, while on the opposite side, the mihrab, points towards Mecca.

It also receives the name Umari Mosque, which is the Islamic term used to refer to buildings that were built for a different use and ended up being converted into mosques. In the courtyard is the tomb of a revered 16th-century Muslim holy man, Shihab al-Din.

The place served as a stopping and resting point for the Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and for the Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca (Jerusalem Road).


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