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Former St Caterina Monastery

The ancient convent of St. Catherine in Monteleone di Spoleto has a rich and complex history dating back to 1310, when five Augustinian nuns from the monastery of St. Catherine in Norcia asked the Chapter of St. Nicholas for a church and house in the lower part of Monteleone to establish a new monastery. These buildings were located outside the walls built in 1265. Eventually, during the expansion of the city and the construction of the third city wall, both the church and the monastery were included in the urban perimeter.

With the Napoleonic laws of 1866, the convent was suppressed, the property confiscated by the state and the nuns transferred to Cascia. The property was sold to private individuals, and the building was entrusted to the Consortium of Monteleone Owners. Due to the neglect of successive administrations from 1875 onward, the convent fell into disrepair, and only the perimeter walls of the church remain as evidence of an important page of local history.

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    Monteleone di Spoleto, Province of Perugia, Italy
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    Always open
  • What to see
    Ruins of the Abbey

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