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Fifteenth Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Route of Human Rights

The fifteenth article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes that everyone has the right to a nationality and not to be arbitrarily deprived of that nationality or the right to change it. This article recognizes the importance of nationality as a fundamental aspect of personal and social identity, and as an essential link between the individual and the state. Nationality confers rights and duties, and without it, a person may find himself or herself in a situation of statelessness, deprived of legal protection and access to basic services.

In addition, Article 15 protects individuals against arbitrary deprivation of their nationality. This is especially relevant in contexts of racial, ethnic or political discrimination, where authoritarian governments may seek to deprive certain groups of their nationality as a form of persecution. By guaranteeing the right to nationality and its free change, this article promotes the inclusion and dignity of all persons, reinforcing the principle of equality and non-discrimination in the international arena.

The plaque with Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is located in the church of Maria Magdalena de Peñafonte.

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