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Collegiate Church Santa Maria la Mayor

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    Av. de Galicia 2, Salas, Spain
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    Church altarpieces


This church was built to be the burial site of Archbishop Fernando Valdés, founder of Oviedo University. The main building was founded by the Valdés-Salas family in the first half of the 16th century and was made up of a nave to which chapels were added in subsequent renovations.

Inside, the apse with its decorated vault and two altarpieces stands out. The main altarpiece is from the 17th century Valladolid school and represents different scenes from the Bible such as the adoration of the Three Wise Men, the baptism of Christ and Saint Martin donating his cape. The other altarpiece is located in the Malleza family chapel, it is also dated to the 17th century like the main altar.

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