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Church Santa María del Alba

The Church of Nuestra Señora del Alba in Tárrega is a monument of great historical and architectural relevance in the region. Originally built in the 12th century, it underwent several alterations throughout the 13th and 14th centuries, including the construction of a bell tower and a Gothic entrance with sculptures of the twelve apostles. However, a momentous event occurred in 1672 when the bell tower collapsed on top of the temple, leading to the construction of a new church on the same site. This new structure, in the Baroque style, was designed by Fray Josep de la Concepció and is notable for its single nave with intercommunicating side chapels, following the Jesuit typology. The church houses valuable relics and fresco paintings by local artists Jaume Minguell Miret and Josep Minguell Cardenyes, representing biblical and allegorical themes.

The importance of the Church of Our Lady of the Dawn goes beyond its architecture and art. It is a symbol of religious devotion in Tarrega, with a history that is intertwined with the Christian reconquest of Spain. Legend has it that during this period, the Virgin of the Dawn provided aid to the Christians, disorienting the Muslims with the light of dawn and allowing the Christian victory. This spiritual connection is reflected in the imposing presence of the temple in the town square, being a place of veneration and devotion for the faithful, as well as a point of cultural and historical interest for visitors and tourists.

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    Plaça Major, 3, Tàrrega, Lleida
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