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Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

The Church of Santa Cruz de Campezo, also known as the Church of the Assumption, is an Euskadi Historic-Artistic Monument that stands out for its 14th century Gothic architecture. Its imposing façade, the work of Domingo de Guevara between 1529 and 1552, has an ogival arch supported by six pairs of fine baquetons and capitals with reliefs. The temple, with a hall floor plan covered by ribbed vaults, presents remarkable artistic elements, such as the 17th-century high altarpiece, the Gothic tomb of Don Fernán Ruiz de Gaona and the 16th-century Gothic Renaissance choir, which stands out for its elegant ornamentation and architectural details.

Located in Santa Cruz de Campezo, this church has been part of the historic-artistic heritage of the province of Alava since time immemorial. Its presence in the historic center of the city, dating from the 12th century, reflects its importance as a population center and its historical relevance as a parade ground, mentioned in medieval privileges and privileges. The medieval urban fabric, with alignments of blocks and remains of the old wall, enhances the historical character and beauty of this emblematic temple in the region.


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    Bajo el Portico Kalea, Santikurutze Kanpezu, Álava
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    Gothic-style choir

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