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Church of St Sebastian of Soreasu

The Church of San Sebastián de Soreasu, located in the historic center of Azpeitia, stands out as an architectural treasure with Templar roots, remodeled in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Built in good limestone ashlar, it has a basilica floor plan with an apse that spans the three naves. The 18th century Plateresque façade, designed by Ventura Rodríguez, gives it a classical air, while the old Gothic tower and the 19th century neo-Gothic spire add architectural complexity. Inside is the baptismal font of San Ignacio de Loyola, protected by an imposing baroque gate. At the top of the baptismal font a nice image of St. Ignatius frames a sign that says, in Basque, “I was baptized here”, and Ignatius points with his index finger. While in Rome, St. Ignatius sent a very affectionate letter to the people of Azpeitia, in which he fondly recalled having been baptized in that place.

Another of its outstanding elements is the Chapel of Solitude, with a Renaissance structure and a dome inspired by the Pantheon of Rome, which houses a mausoleum, an altar with religious images, a mural painting and a choir with reliefs, being a space full of symbolism and spirituality. It was ordered to be built by Captain Nicolás Sáez de Elola, one of the captains who participated with Francisco Pizarro in the conquest of Peru. This space, which underwent restoration in the 21st century, has revealed burials and archaeological remains, adding layers of history to the church. Overall, the Church of San Sebastián de Soreasu emerges as a place where architecture, history and spirituality converge in a unique testimony in Azpeitia.

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    Perez Arregi Plaza, Azpeitia (Spain)
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    Baptismal font of St. Ignatius of Loyola


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