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Church of Santiago

The church of Santiago el Mayor in Bujaraloz, with its history dating back to the 13th century, is a remarkable example of religious architecture in the Zaragoza region. Its primitive Gothic construction, erected on a Muslim tower, was enlarged and reformed in later centuries, suffering damage during the civil war of 1936 and rebuilt in modern times. This temple, with a Latin cross plan and a single nave divided into four sections, presents a rich stucco ornamentation in its starred vaults, as well as in its side chapels connected by semicircular arches. The second chapel on the Gospel side, possibly dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, with Renaissance decorations and a striking red painting, is especially noteworthy.

Externally, the church exhibits an irregular stone and brick masonry, with details such as the coat of arms of the Monastery of Sijena over the 13th century entrance. The baroque tower, with three sections, rises on the Gospel side, adding a distinctive element to the architectural ensemble. Despite the vicissitudes it has faced over the centuries, the church of Santiago de Bujaraloz remains an important historical and cultural landmark in the province of Zaragoza, testifying to the faith and dedication of the generations that have cared for and preserved it to this day.

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    C. la Iglesia, 2, Bujaraloz, Zaragoza
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    Gothic Cloister

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