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Church of San Vicente

The church of San Vicente de Arana, located in the valley of Arana in Alava, is an architectural treasure from the sixteenth century. Its Renaissance aesthetic unity and its original altarpiece make it a little known jewel of great value in the Diocese of Vitoria. The history of the town dates back to Queen Juana, who in the 16th century exempted San Vicente from paying tribute and granted it royal status. Although today the population barely exceeds 100 inhabitants, the church remains the center of the community, preserving unique elements such as a Plateresque double high altar and a Greek cross floor plan, rare in the region.

With a late Renaissance façade and an interior with ribbed vaults and an elegant tower, the church of San Vicente de Arana is a living testimony to its rich history and exceptional Basque Plateresque art. Details such as the sculptures of the saints in the niches of the portico, the baptismal font with the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs, and the main altarpiece that presides over the central chapel, also stand out. Its architectural uniqueness and historical importance make it a worthwhile destination for lovers of the religious and cultural heritage of the Basque Country.


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    De la Virgen de Uralde Kalea 11, Arana, Spain
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    Baptismal font, Altarpiece

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