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Sanctuary of San Giacomo

The Sanctuary of St. James in Poggio Bustone, overlooking the Sacred Valley of Rieti, is a sacred place that has welcomed the presence and legacy of St. Francis of Assisi. Built in the 14th century and carefully restored in the 20th century, this shrine is a living testimony to Franciscan devotion in the region.

The church, dedicated to St. James the Greater, is an example of simple but harmonious architecture, where frescoes depicting beautiful religious scenes can be admired. The portico, rebuilt in the 20th century, invites visitors to enter this space of reflection and prayer.

The convent, adjacent to the church, houses Franciscan friars and offers hospitality to pilgrims who come in search of peace and serenity. The cloister, with its columns and frescoes, is an oasis of tranquility that invites contemplation.

Near the church is the Lower Hermitage, an ancient refectory with 17th-century frescoes evoking Franciscan spirituality and the life of St. Francis. This place, offered to St. Francis by Benedictine monks, is a testimony to the Saint’s humility and devotion.

The Shrine of St. James at Poggio Bustone is more than a religious building; it is a meeting place for Franciscan spirituality and a reminder of the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in human life.


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    Piazzale Missioni Francescane, snc, Poggio Bustone, Italia
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    Church, convent

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