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Church of San Juan de Peñaflor

The church of San Juan de Peñaflor, probably built in the 13th century, preserves few traces of its primitive Romanesque construction due to the numerous alterations made over the centuries. In spite of this, its location on the Primitive Way of St. James and its right of asylum made it an important point of reference for pilgrims. Through historical descriptions and old photographs, we can reconstruct part of its original structure, such as the western doorway and some of the corbels of the north eaves, which reflect the popular Romanesque style of the area.

Although the present temple is the result of later reforms and reconstructions, it preserves in general terms the basic Romanesque proportions and outline, being a testimony of the architectural and religious history of the region. Its importance lies not only in its historical and architectural value, but also in its role as a meeting place and refuge for pilgrims traveling the Primitive Way on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

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    Peñaflor, 7, Asturias
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    Romanesque church


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