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St Clement’s Chapel

  • Address
    Minzel E.Attard Bezzina, Iż-Żejtun, Malta
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Opens on Sunday for 7.00 a.m. mass or by appointment.
  • What to see
    Painting of the Madonna with Jesus


St. Clement’s Chapel in Zejtun, Malta, stands as a testament of gratitude and devotion to the patron saint. Built in 1658 by Clement Tabone, a member of the militia from a wealthy landowning family, the chapel was erected in fulfillment of a vow made during an Ottoman attack in 1614. Legend has it that, after losing his sword in the clash with the Ottomans, Tabone promised to build a chapel in honor of St. Clement if his life was spared. His vow was fulfilled in 1658, and since then, the chapel annually celebrates the feast of St. Clement every November 23 with vespers and mass.

The interior of the chapel houses a titular painting by Stefano Erardi, depicting Clemente Tabone, with his face and hands in prayer visible in the lower left corner. The painting, executed in 1662, shows the founder next to a representation of St. Clement I, the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus with angels. Another notable work in the chapel, created by Francesco Zahra, depicts the Pieta. The presence of Klement Tabone’s image in the painting suggests that both the work and the chapel itself may have been a fulfillment of his vow. The construction of the chapel is perceived as an act of gratitude to St. Clement for his intervention during the Ottoman attack, thus highlighting the spiritual and devotional importance of this place which, over the centuries, has endured as a symbol of faith and gratitude in the community of Zejtun.

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