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Church of San Francisco

The church of San Francisco de Alfaro, built in the 17th century with the remains of the old castle, is a monument of great historical importance in the city. Over the centuries it has witnessed many events, from its foundation in 1634 to its later use as a military barracks during the Napoleonic invasions in the 19th century. Despite the changes in use over the years, the church retains its imposing Baroque architecture, with features such as its Churrigueresque altarpiece, side chapels and a façade decorated with towers and Franciscan coats of arms, a living testimony to the history and culture of Alfaro.

In addition to its architectural value, the church of San Francisco de Alfaro is a symbol of faith and religious devotion in the region. Throughout the centuries, it has been a place of worship, a refuge and shelter for goods during times of conflict, and a center for community and religious activities. Its architecture, with elements such as lunette vaults and a dome in the transept, reflects the artistic and spiritual richness of the Baroque era, while its history is intertwined with that of the Alfaro community, being a point of reference in the lives of generations of local residents and visitors.


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    La Paz St, s/n Alfaro
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    Churrigueresque altarpiede

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