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Church of Saint Mary’s Visitation

The church of Santa María de Berducedo, located in the parish of Berducedo, Asturias, is on the Primitive Way of St. James. Built in the XIV-XV centuries, this church has undergone reforms and modifications over time. It has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave and straight chancel, covered with a continuous vault on the inside and a three-sided roof on the outside. It is notable for its two side chapels, a portico on the west side and a 19th century belfry on the east façade.

Next to the church is a yew tree, an ancestral symbol of the region. In the past, the church of Santa María de Berducedo also functioned as a pilgrims’ hospital, providing shelter and care for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Its strategic location on the route of the Primitive Way makes it a point of reference for pilgrims and a historical testimony of the Jacobean tradition in Asturias.

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  • Address
    Berducedo, 16A, Berducedo, Asturias
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    Church, yew tree


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