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Church of Saint Mary in Melide

The Church of Santa María de Melide, located on the outskirts of the town of Melide in A Coruña, is an outstanding example of Galician Romanesque art that captivates pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. This temple, listed as a National Monument, stands out for its exceptional state of preservation, except for the cornice and its corbels. Built with granite masonry, it has a typical rural Romanesque structure, with a single rectangular nave connected to a chevet formed by a presbyterial section and a semi-cylindrical apse. The apse, especially notable for its elegance and harmony, exhibits a sober but carefully elaborated decoration, with a structure of three apsidal panels and a central illumination opening surrounded by a semicircular doorway.

The interior of the church reveals an even more impressive artistic richness, with 16th century mural paintings adorning the quarter sphere vault and the straight section of the presbytery. These paintings depict a theophany with the Holy Trinity and the symbols of the Tetramorphos, along with cherubs and apostles. It also highlights the Romanesque altar, one of the few examples that have survived to the present day in Galicia. In addition, the presence of a Romanesque grille in the sacristy adds a touch of historical authenticity to this architectural treasure. In short, the Church of Santa María de Melide is a living testimony of the rich Romanesque heritage of Galicia that delights visitors with its beauty and history.

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    Sta. María, 24, Melide, A Coruña
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    Outstanding Romanesque church


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