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Church of Our Lady of Angels

The Church of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Mallén, with its different stages of construction and expansion over the centuries, is an architectural and artistic treasure that reflects the rich history and cultural evolution of the region. From its origins as a Romanesque church possibly dating back to the 12th century, to the extensions and improvements carried out during the 16th century and later, every detail of this temple tells a fascinating story. Its impressive altarpieces stand out, such as the 18th century Venetian-style main altarpiece, as well as the chapels dedicated to various saints and virgins, each with its own set of works of art and relics. The church also serves as a witness to important historical and religious events, being a place of veneration and devotion for the Mallén community over the centuries.

With its impressive architecture and rich collection of sacred art, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels of Mallén stands as a symbol of the identity and tradition of the local community. From the majestic ribbed vaults to the detailed altarpieces and chapels, every corner of this sacred precinct tells a story of faith, devotion and cultural heritage. The presence of different architectural styles and decorative elements over the centuries shows the continuity and evolution of religious fervor in Mallén, making this church a place of profound historical and spiritual importance for the inhabitants of the region.


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    Pl. la Iglesia 4, Mallén, Zaragoza
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    Beautiful altarpieces

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