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Birthplace of Blessed Francisco Garate

The House of Blessed Francisco Gárate, located a few meters away from the Sanctuary and two buildings to the right of the Loyola Jesuit Community, is a small Museum-Shrine in honor of the former janitor of the University of Deusto. Born in the Errekarte farmhouse in 1857, Francisco Gárate, a Jesuit Brother, stood out for his humility and support for the needy. The house, with a peculiar layout that includes a kitchen and stables to one side and below the rooms to provide warmth, offers a brief tour that highlights the life and virtues of this blessed man.

Francisco Gárate held the position of janitor at the University of Deusto for 41 years, being recognized for his charity, industriousness and gentleness. His inclusion in the catalog of the Blessed by John Paul II in 1985 highlights his significant spiritual legacy and his connection to the Jesuit tradition, enriching the experience for those who visit this space dedicated to his memory.

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    Loiola Auzoa Gunea 14, Loiola, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
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    See at the Loyola Basilica
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    Home of Blessed Francisco Garate

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