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Tupäsy María Benedictine Monastery

  • Address
    Santiago – Dto de Misiones Cñía. Ka’aguy Po’i
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Tuesday to Friday and from Friday to Sunday (before noon)
  • What to see
    Temple with image of young Saint Benedict


The first male monastery in Paraguay was founded in 1984 in the town of Santiago Apóstol, department of Misiones. It happened at the hands of Benedictine monks (religious order founded by Benedict of Nursia in the 6th century and who is recognized as the patron saint of Europe) from the Santa María de los Toldos Abbey (Buenos Aires, Argentina). This is the Tupäsy María monastery (Mary Mother of God in Guaraní language) and represents an authentic oasis of peace, prayer and contemplation for nature lovers in the middle of the Jesuit Route.

It is possible to go to the place, located less than 20 kilometers from the urban center of Santiago Apóstol, both accompanied and alone due to the presence of a lodging space for pilgrims and tourists. On the other hand, in addition to being a place conducive to silence and even having a temple where you can see the image of the young Benedict of Nursia (something not so common), the area surrounding the monastery invites you to take walks. It is also possible to purchase products made by the monks themselves under the name “Kuera Monk” that range from cleaning supplies such as detergents to crafts (candles, rosaries) and also foods such as sweets, homemade jams or liqueurs.

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