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The Wiclow Gap

  • Address
    Brockagh, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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    Always open
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Wicklow Gap, situated in County Wicklow, Ireland, holds a significant place along St Kevin’s Way, a historic pilgrimage route tracing the footsteps of St Kevin through the picturesque hills of Wicklow. This natural marvel serves as a pivotal point on the pilgrimage, marking the highest elevation on the route and offering pilgrims a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The route encompasses the remnants of the old pilgrimage road, where the enduring flagstones bear witness to the centuries of pilgrims who have traversed this sacred path.

One distinctive tradition linked to Wicklow Gap involves pilgrims leaving a stone at this elevated point in remembrance of their spiritual journey. This act symbolizes the enduring connection between the pilgrims and the sacred route, creating a tangible testament to the countless individuals who, over the medieval centuries and beyond, undertook the pilgrimage to Glendalough. As pilgrims ascend towards the Wicklow Gap, they follow in the tradition of those from diverse locations, converging at this significant juncture before descending into the enchanting Valley of Glendalough, the haunting and contemplative sanctuary where St Kevin spent the latter part of his life.

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