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St Peter’s Monastery

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    Triq Inguanez, Mdina, Malta
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    Relics of St Adeodata

St. Peter’s Monastery, located in the medieval town of Mdina, Malta, is a Catholic Benedictine monastery for cloistered nuns, being the oldest of its kind in Malta. Founded around 1418, when the first Benedictine nuns arrived in Malta in the 15th century, the monastery and the adjacent church are dedicated to St. Peter and St. Benedict. The church houses Mattia Preti’s masterpiece, a titular painting of St. Peter, flanked by St. Scholastica and St. Benedict, considered the fathers of Latin monasticism and founders of the Benedictine Order. In addition, the monastery contains the remains of Blessed Maria Adeodata, a cloistered nun beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2001.

The importance of St. Peter’s Monastery on the Maltese Way lies in its historical connection to the arrival of the first nuns in Malta and its role in preserving the Benedictine tradition. The monastery, with its church and the works of notable artists such as Mattia Preti and Francesco Zahra, contributes significantly to Malta’s cultural and religious heritage, offering pilgrims an enriching experience on their journey along the Maltese Way.

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