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St Fursey Well

  • Address
    Killurly West, Carrigower, Co. Kerry, Ireland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always Open
  • What to see
    Ancient well


St. Fursey Well, with a rich history and significance as the starting point of Cnoc na dTobar, is a revered spring associated with the Irish saint Fursey, who founded the monastery of Burgh Castle in the 7th century. Tradition has it that St. Fursey healed a blind man on this site. This spring, located on the hillside of Cnoc na dTobar, has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries. Tradition holds that the spring water has healing properties and pilgrims often perform prayer and purification rituals at this sacred site.

St. Fursey Well adds a spiritual dimension to Cnoc na dTobar, enriching the experience for pilgrims seeking a connection to Ireland’s Christian history and long tradition of pilgrimage. The association with St. Fursey and the belief in its healing properties make this spring a powerful starting point for the pilgrimage to the summit of Cnoc na dTobar.

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