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St Agatha Chapel

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    Triq Inguanez, Mdina, Malta
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    Painting of St Agatha

The Chapel of St. Agatha in Mdina has its roots in the 15th century, when the noble family Gatto Murina built a medieval chapel in 1417 dedicated to St. Agatha. Devotion to St. Agatha in Malta was closely linked to the historical connection with Sicily. Although the original chapel was damaged in the Sicilian earthquake of 1693, the new chapel, designed by the prominent architect Lorenzo Gafà, was erected in 1696. This chapel, donated by the Gatto Murina family to the Diocese of Malta in the 17th century, has become a significant point on the Maltese Way, highlighting devotion to St. Agatha, who along with St. Publius and St. Paul, is one of the three patron saints of Malta. The titular picture, depicting St. Agatha and St. Adrian, painted by Giuseppe D’Arena, adds a distinctive artistic element to this place of historical and religious importance.

The Chapel of St. Agatha, with its present 17th century structure, not only testifies to Malta’s rich history and its connection with Sicily, but also offers pilgrims on the Maltese Way the opportunity to experience the devotion to St. Agatha and the architectural mastery of Lorenzo Gafà. This site, blessed in 1696 in the presence of prominent figures such as Archbishop Antonio Cauchi and Grand Master Adrien de Wignacourt, stands out as a significant landmark on the route of the Maltese Way.

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