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Sanctuary of Virgen del Avellano

The church of the Virgen del Avellano, located in the municipality of Allande, Asturias, is a place of great historical and devotional importance in the region. Its origins date back to the thirteenth century, when the devotion to the Virgin began to take shape in the parish of San Andrés de Pola de Allande. The presence of several sculptures in the parish church, including a 14th-century carving of the Virgen del Avellano, suggests a deep connection with this religious figure. In addition, local legend tells of the miraculous discovery of an image of the Virgin between the branches of a hazel tree, which led to the construction of a chapel-shrine on the site.

The structure and architecture of the chapel of the Virgin of the Hazelnut Tree have undergone several modifications over the centuries. Originally, it had a high-quality Baroque altarpiece and three niches, one of which housed the image of the Virgin of the Hazelnut Tree. However, later modifications, including one in 1996, added new elements, such as articulated arms to the image and the exposition of the Child Jesus. The fiestas in honor of the Virgen del Avellano, celebrated on September 8th, are a deep-rooted tradition in the municipality, with processions, solemn masses and a spectacular fireworks display known as the Gran Descarga del Avellano, which is a highlight of the religious and cultural celebrations of the region.

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    Ancient hermitage


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