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Sanctuary of Loreto

The Sanctuary of Loreto in Huesca is a place steeped in history and legend, closely linked to the figure of Saint Lawrence Martyr and the arrival of the Holy Grail in Spain. According to tradition, the sanctuary is built over the family home of San Lorenzo and his parents, Orencio and Paciencia, are buried there. Built over a medieval settlement and erected as a place of veneration since the 11th century, this sanctuary is a living testimony of the popular devotion and the Laurentian tradition in the region of Huesca. In addition, its connection with the Holy Grail and its role as a convent of Augustinian monks for centuries make it a site of deep spiritual and cultural significance.

Over the centuries, the Sanctuary of Loreto has experienced various vicissitudes, from its expropriation during the disentailment to its use as a barracks during the Spanish Civil War. However, its spiritual importance endures, being the scene of annual pilgrimages and tributes to the Patron Saint of Huesca. With its historic buildings, its natural surroundings and its connection to the Laurentian tradition, the Sanctuary of Loreto continues to be a place of encounter and devotion for the faithful and visitors to the region.


  • Address
    Partida Afueras Huesca, 957, Huesca (Spain)
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Almost always closed
  • What to see
    Peaceful landscape





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