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New Cathedral of Lleida

The New Cathedral of Lleida, erected between 1761 and 1781, represents an outstanding example of baroque architecture with influences of French classicism. Its construction was a response to the need for a new episcopal see after the Old Cathedral was converted into military barracks following the War of Succession. Financed in part by royal and local donations, this majestic cathedral, designed by Pedro Martín Cermeño and directed by Francesco Sabatini, became an important spiritual center for the Lleida community. With a floor plan of three naves of equal height and a Classicist Baroque façade, the cathedral stands out for its elegance and monumentality, housing in its interior the image of the Virgin of Montserrat and the Verge del Blau.

The spiritual importance of the New Cathedral of Lleida lies in its function as a place of worship and devotion for the Catholic faithful of the region. As an episcopal see, it has witnessed significant moments in the religious life of the community, from liturgical ceremonies to religious festivities. In addition, its imposing architecture and rich ornamentation make it a symbol of Christian faith and tradition in the city, attracting pilgrims and visitors who seek to experience its spiritual beauty and find inspiration in its sacred environment.


  • Address
    Plaça de la Catedral, Lleida
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Everyday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00
  • What to see
    Verge del Blau

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