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Mission of Urubichá

The Urubichá Mission, founded in the 19th century by the priest José Cors, is a culturally vibrant enclave in eastern Bolivia. Known for its deep love of music and violin craftsmanship, Urubichá has been a point of reference in the preservation and promotion of the region’s indigenous musical traditions. The arrival of the Franciscan missionaries to these lands not only introduced sacred music into the liturgies, but also revitalized the passion for music among the Guarayos, turning it into a means of communication and cultural identity.

Under the leadership of Father Walter Neuwirth and Sister Ludmila Wolf, Urubichá has become an epicenter of Renaissance and Baroque music in eastern Bolivia. The creation of the first orchestra made up of Guarayo Indians and the founding of the Institute of Music in 2002 are important milestones in the musical history of the region. Through national and international tours and the support of national and international benefactors, Urubichá has taken its music to stages all over the world, consolidating itself as an authentic cultural ambassador of Bolivia and a beacon of inspiration for future generations.


    • Address
      Urubichá, Bolivia
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    • Visiting Hours
      Always open
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      Talented Orchestra

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