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Mission of the Ascension

The Mission of the Ascension of Guarayos, founded in 1826 by the priest José Gregorio Salvatierra, plays an important role in the musical development of the region. Since its beginnings, the mission has been a center of musical education, where native teachers transmit the native Guarayo tradition and also perform works by internationally recognized composers. With an active chamber orchestra and choir, the Parroquia Ascensión del Señor is a focal point for more than 150 children and young people who practice various musical instruments, such as the violin, cello and guitar, thus taking local music to international festivals and enriching the cultural landscape of the area.

In addition to its prominent role in the musical field, the Guarayos Ascension Mission is an important tourist destination due to its rich biodiversity and natural attractions, including rivers, lagoons and lush landscapes. With a wide cultural offer that includes the Casa de la Cultura, the Guaraya School of Art and Music, and numerous artisan workshops, the mission not only promotes musical development, but also contributes to sustainable tourism and the preservation of the region’s natural and cultural heritage.


    • Address
      Ascensión de Guarayos, Bolivia
    • Web
    • Visiting Hours
      Always open
    • What to see
      Casa de la Cultura, the Guaraya Art and Music School, the Franciscan Church, the “Itapemi” Spa, the Tacuara Workshops, the San Pablo Handicraft Center, the “Ambue Ari” Ecological Park, the “Rio Blanco y Negro” Wildlife Reserve, the Corazón Lagoon and the Brava Lagoon

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