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Mission of San Ignacio de Velasco

The San Ignacio Mission, founded in 1748 by Jesuit fathers Miguel Areicher and Diego Contreras, is an architectural treasure in the region. Although the original cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1908, it was faithfully rebuilt by the Franciscans, preserving its splendor and interior beauty. Its wooden columns carved by Chiquitano hands, its main altar covered in gold leaf and mica, and the sacred images that invoke Catholic devotion stand out. San Ignacio is part of the mission triangle, a region that includes other Jesuit missions declared World Cultural Heritage, such as Santa Ana de Velasco, San Miguel de Velasco and San Rafael de Velasco.

San Ignacio de Velasco plays a fundamental role in the route of baroque music in Bolivia. As the site of the ‘Misiones de Chiquitos’ International Festival of American Renaissance and Baroque Music, this mission is the epicenter of a unique cultural manifestation. Baroque music, considered the soul of Chiquitos, has endured over the centuries as a legacy of the initial communication between the indigenous populations and the missionaries. In addition, the indigenous music, played with instruments such as the tamborita and flutes, adds an additional layer of cultural richness to this musical experience in San Ignacio.


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      Av Santa Cruz 10, San Ignacio, Bolivia
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      Ancient church from colonial times

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