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Loġġa tal-Palju

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    VCM3+47G, Rabat, Malta
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    Always open
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The Loġġa tal-Palju is a domed grandstand used during the Mnarja horse races. Mnarja is the Maltese festival of St. Peter and St. Paul, celebrated on June 29, notable for the horse races that take place on Saqqajja Hill, under the patronage of the Grand Master and Capitano della Verga. This structure, built during the reign of Grand Master Adrien de Wignacourt and designed by Lorenzo Gafa, succeeded an earlier wooden structure. Known as Loġġa tal-Palju, the tribune owes its name to the “Palju”, a traditional banner presented to the winners and sometimes donated to the local parish church. Today, the Loġġa tal-Palju remains an integral part of Mnarja’s festivities and represents a historical connection to the holiday celebrations on the Maltese Way.

From Loġġa tal-Palju, you can continue along Triq it-Tiġrija, the former race track, exploring the route leading to Żebbuġ (Città Rohan). This historic grandstand not only adds a festive element to Mnarja, but also enriches the Maltese Way experience by highlighting the tradition of horse racing and its relevance in connecting locations such as Żebbuġ and Mdina.

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