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Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem

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    Jaffa St, Jerusalem, Israel

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    Always open
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    Gate, Citadel of David


One of the seven gates of the Old City of Jerusalem, at the junction of the Jaffa and Hebron roads. The current construction is due to Suleiman I in 1538, according to an Arabic inscription of the time.

In Arabic it is called Bab al-Khalil, Gate of the Friend, in reference to the Patriarch Abraham. It is also called Migdal David, for being next to the Citadel of David. It was the gate through which pilgrims from the port of Jaffa entered. The gate connects to the Christian quarter of the Old City. It is built in a unique shape of the letter (L) and parallel to the wall in order to prevent attempts by cavalry or infantry to quickly break through the gate.


Photo Credit: Inma Álvarez

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