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Hermitage of the Holy Spirit

The Hermitage of the Holy Spirit is located in Roccasecca, in the province of Frosinone, at the entrance to the Melfa Gorges. This hermitic settlement is located in a natural cave and consists of three main parts: the cave, a small church, and an orchard with a stone fence. The cave houses a smooth stone bed, a well-preserved oven and an ingenious system for collecting rainwater that comes down from the cliff. The two-story church has a stoup with the inscription “MC” (1100) and “SST” (Holy Trinity), suggesting that it was already consecrated to the Trinity in 1100.

The surroundings of the hermitage also include a cave complex possibly dating back to the 8th or 9th century, with cells for monks arranged around a common space. Access to the hermitage is via a strenuous path, which today is part of the Way of St. Benedict. Inside the church is a metal plaque from 1859 dedicated to Luciano Poccia. This site is considered an ideal place for hermits and contemplatives and will be included in the list of the World’s Sacred Sites by the Gaia Foundation and the United Nations.

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    Roccasecca, Province of Frosinone, Italy
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    Cells, hydraulic system

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