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Gougane Barra Church

  • Address
    Derreennacusha, Co. Cork (Ireland)
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Everyday from 10:00 to 18:00
  • What to see

The church of Gougane Barra, located in Ireland, is a place of great historical and spiritual importance on the path of St. Finbarr. According to legend, St. Finnbarr built a monastery on the lake island in the 6th century, and the present ruins of a hermitage date from around 1700, when a priest named Denis O’Mahony retired to the island. During the time of the Penal Laws, the remoteness of Gougane Barra made it a popular place for the celebration of the Roman Catholic mass.

The church and natural setting offer a unique experience for pilgrims walking the St. Finbarr’s Way. The connection to the history of St. Finnbarr, the hermit Denis O’Mahony and the role during the difficult times of the Penal Laws gives Gougane Barra a deep spiritual significance. Pilgrims seek not only the beauty of the setting, but also the spirituality rooted in the history of this sacred place.

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