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Eighth Station of the Cross

Photo Credit: Hoshvilim – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 

The Eighth Station of the Via Dolorosa commemorates the episode described in the Gospel of Luke, where Jesus encounters pious women on his way and is able to stop and talk with them. Prior to the 15th century, it was believed that the final station in Jesus’ walk occurred at an earlier point on the Via Dolorosa. The current station is located next to the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Caralambos and is marked by the letters IC XC / Nika carved into the wall and a cross in relief. On the street leading up to the west, known as St. Francis Street, a few meters from the seventh station, is this station. The outside wall of the monastery shows a simple cross in relief, where local Christians often touch and kiss as a sign of respect. Jesus addressed words to the women of Jerusalem who followed him in sorrow at this place, as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

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      Ma’alot E-Khanka 34, Jerusalem
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      Ancient carved cross

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