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Church of the Assumption at Erustes

The Church of the Assumption of Erustes, built in the fifteenth century, is an outstanding example of the Mudejar style and is listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest. This temple, known for its slender tower and rich coffered ceilings, stands out in the region of Torrijos. The central nave, the presbytery and the tower are original elements that enhance the historical importance of the building. The rectangular tower, with four sections and decorated with horseshoe arches, is a sample of the Islamic influences in its design.

Inside the church, the diptych of St. Peter and St. Paul, belonging to the school of Pedro Berruguete, is one of the main attractions. The three naves of the temple are separated by semicircular arches and covered with decorated ceilings. The alfarjes of the headboard and the 16th-century Talavera tile baseboards add a touch of color and elegance. This church, restored in 2010, retains its architectural and cultural grandeur, being a testimony to the rich heritage of Erustes.




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    C. de la Iglesia, 1, Erustes, Toledo
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    Islamic archs

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