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Church of St Peter

The church of San Pedro Apóstol in Villar del Pedroso, located on the pilgrimage route to Guadalupe, is a remarkable construction from the 13th century, although its current configuration is the result of a rebuilding in the early 16th century. All that remains of the original structure are the remains of the bell tower. The church follows the typical layout of the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, with a polygonal main chapel and a choir loft. The building has a rectangular floor plan divided into three naves, the central one being much wider than the lateral ones. These naves are covered by ribbed vaults, the most outstanding of which is the terraced vault in the central nave. The main chapel also has a complex ribbed vault that gives the interior a touch of Gothic refinement.

The interior of the church of San Pedro is an authentic museum of sacred art, with outstanding pieces such as two 18th-century altarpieces decorated with Talavera tiles, a 17th-century altarpiece in the Epistle that contains five canvases from the same century, and a 17th-century canvas of the Crucifixion. In addition, there are two tables of the XVI century representing Saint Thomas and Saint Peter. The jewel of the temple is its main altarpiece, in plateresque style of the XVI century, composed of five aisles and four bodies, decorated with reliefs of Christmas and scenes from the life of Jesus, the Virgin and the Passion. On the outside, the church has two entrances: one with a semicircular arch and the other with a bell arch under a lined portico supported by Tuscan columns.



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    Altarpieces and tiles

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