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Church of Santa Rosa de Lima

The church of Santa Rosa de Lima in Santa Rosa is an important symbol of the Jesuit era in the Americas, rebuilt after a fire in 1883. Its red stone bell tower, 20 meters high, stands out as one of the few surviving structures from that era. Although the present church is of simple construction, it retains a main altar that was part of the old church, as well as the nearby Loreto Chapel, which houses magnificent works of Jesuit art.

Located in a historic setting and surrounded by old Indian houses, the church of Santa Rosa de Lima invites visitors to immerse themselves in the experience of the Jesuit reductions. The ornamentation and decoration of the temple recreate the Jesuit style, while its history, which dates back to the discovery of the city by Jesuit Father Jacobo Ranzonier in 1698, adds significant cultural value. The church and its bell tower bear witness to the rich heritage and spiritual wealth of the region, attracting those interested in exploring the history and legacy of the colonial and Jesuit era in America.

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    Av. Florida 637, Santa Rosa, Paraguay
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    Guarani Tower, altar

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