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Church of Santa María de los Reyes

The church of Santa María de los Reyes, located in Laguardia, stands out for its impressive polychrome portico, one of the few preserved in Spain. Carved in stone at the end of the 14th century in the Gothic style, its polychromy dates from the 17th century and offers a dazzling view dominated by gold, ochre, red and green colors. The central mullion depicts a delicate image of the Virgin and Child, surrounded by an apostolate in which St. Paul replaces Judas Iscariot. The tympanum shows scenes from the life of the Virgin, her Dormition and Assumption, while the archivolts are decorated with vegetal motifs, angels, virgins, prophets, kings and martyrs.

The portico of Santa María de los Reyes is a masterpiece of medieval sculpture and polychromy, which attracts visitors with its exquisite iconography and meticulous details. In addition to its artistic value, the portico also serves as a window to history, with a spandrel depicting a king and his wife, traditionally identified as the founders of the town of Laguardia. This architectural work, the result of several phases of construction over the centuries, is a living testimony of art and religious devotion in the region, a must for any lover of good art visiting the area.

Due to its proximity to the town of Navarrete, Laguardia was an obligatory stop for Ignacio during his years of service to the Duke of Nájera. Surely, going to collect taxes or simply passing through to Guipúzcoa, would be something common for the knight Ignacio. In his time, the doorway of the church of Santa María was not closed, so it could be seen by simply passing through the main street. On his return to Navarrete, already after his personal transformation, he decided to go on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Ignatius would again pass through this magnificent portal where he would contemplate all those whom he now, in 1522, wished to imitate. It is easy to imagine his emotion, living with deep desire that union with the disciples of Christ.

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