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Church of San Vicente Mártir

The parish church of San Vicente Mártir in Antoñana, built on the foundations of an old church-fortress, is an architectural treasure that combines elements from different periods. Its Latin cross plan structure and octagonal apse are testimony to its historical past, while its 18th century neoclassical portico and square tower, also from the same period, add an air of elegance. The main altarpiece of rococo style, work of the 18th century, presided by an image of San Vicente Mártir, stands out, together with other altars dedicated to different saints and an image of Nuestra Señora del Campo from the 12th century. This church, located in the town of Antoñana, reflects the historical and artistic richness of the region.

Antoñana, founded in the 12th century by the Navarrese monarch Sancho VI the Wise, has an urban layout that reflects its defensive past, with a wall that has gone from having a defensive function to a constructive one, as part of the houses are attached to it. In addition to the church, other notable elements are the wall, the original castle of the settlement, the strong tower and the keep, which together offer a complete historical perspective of this ancient enclave. Antoñana’s varied architecture and cobblestone streets invite visitors to explore its medieval past and enjoy its picturesque charm in the province of Alava.


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    La Iglesia Plaza, 1, 01128 Antoñana, Spain
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    Baroque paintings by Cornelio Schut

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