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Church of San Salvador Soutomerille

The church of San Salvador de Soutomerille is located in a historic and naturally rich environment, situated on the primitive road to Santiago de Compostela. Although its exact origin is not confirmed, it is known to have existed since at least the year 897, and it is presumed to date from the Visigothic period, as indicated by some inscriptions found on its slate pavement. Over the centuries, it has undergone several modifications and reconstructions, the last one being in 1619. The architectural style of the church shows a mixture of Romanesque, Mozarabic and Renaissance elements, reflecting its long history and the cultural influences of different periods.

Although currently in a state of abandonment, the church of San Salvador de Soutomerille retains its charm and mystery. Its architecture, with a rectangular nave and a rectangular apse, along with details such as the Mozarabic window on the east side of the apse, evoke its pre-Romanesque past. In addition, its location in a wooded setting and surrounded by ruins of medieval houses, including vestiges of a fortress and an ancient monastery, adds an air of mystery and fascination to this place. Despite its apparent abandonment, the church remains a point of interest for those seeking to immerse themselves in the history and natural beauty of Galicia.

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    Castroverde, Lugo
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    Always open
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    Mozarabic window


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