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Church of San Nicolas

The parish church of San Nicolás in Bellpuig is an architectural treasure that reflects the rich history and devotion of the community. Built in the 16th century in the late Gothic style, this impressive structure features a rectangular nave with side chapels, as well as a bell tower that rises majestically above the urban landscape. In addition to its magnificent architecture, the church houses the mausoleum of Ramon Folc de Cardona-Anglesola, a prominent admiral and viceroy, whose Renaissance monument is a work of art revered for its beauty and symbolism.

Inside, visitors can admire the splendor of sacred art and the devotion of the community through chapels such as Sant Crist de Bormio and Dolors, which house works of great historical and spiritual value. In addition, the presence of a 19th century organ and a distinctive hexagonal bell tower add elements of uniqueness to this church, which has been for centuries a center of religious and cultural life in Bellpuig.

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    Carrer Replà de l’Església 1, Bellpuig, Lleida
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    Renaissance mausoleum

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