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Church of San Juan Bautista

The church of San Juan Bautista in Palau d’Anglesola is an architectural and spiritual treasure that reflects the richness of Romanesque art in Catalonia. Built between the 11th and 13th centuries, its Latin cross plan structure, with a central nave and two side naves, captivates visitors with its imposing presence. Its main façade, adorned with archivolts decorated with Romanesque motifs, invites visitors to enter a space where history and faith converge in harmony.

Inside the church, the architectural and decorative elements typical of Romanesque architecture, such as sculpted columns and semicircular arches, transport visitors to an era of artistic and spiritual splendor. Of particular note is the main altarpiece, a 15th century Gothic work that recounts scenes from the life of Jesus and the saints, further enriching the visual and devotional experience of those who visit. In addition to being an active place of worship, the church of San Juan Bautista is an important point of tourist interest in the region, where travelers can immerse themselves in the history and culture of El Palau d’Anglesola and the province of Lleida.


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    Plaça Major 13, El Palau d’Anglesola, Lleida
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    Beautiful Romanesque church

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