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Church of San Andrés

The parish church of San Andrés in Orbiso, built in the Renaissance style in the 16th century, stands out for its historical importance as a crossroads between Navarre and Alava-Araba. Its rectangular floor plan is covered by a ribbed vault decorated with keystones depicting religious figures and flowers. The Baroque tower, one of the most outstanding in the region, rises majestically and slenderly above the architectural ensemble, while the central altarpiece, imposing for its Renaissance images and reliefs, is dedicated to the patron saint of the church, Saint Andrew, accompanied by other holy figures.

The side altarpieces are dedicated to various saints, such as the Virgin of the Rosary, Saint James, Saint Sebastian and Saint Bartholomew, while the baptistery, located on the right side of the church, houses the baptismal font. The portico under the bell tower and the Renaissance doorways add a touch of elegance to the architectural ensemble. The church of San Andrés de Orbiso, with its rich history and impressive Renaissance architecture, is a true cultural treasure of the region.


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    Nueva Plaza, 1, Orbiso, Araba
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    Bell tower, paintings

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