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Church of Saint Peter

The Church of San Pedro in Tineo, formerly the main church of the town until 1880, is a historical monument that holds centuries of history. Located in the disappeared monastery of San Francisco, its origin possibly dates back to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. Over the years, it has undergone architectural changes, but still retains Romanesque and Gothic elements that reveal its former grandeur. Since 1880, the church has served as a cemetery chapel, and its historical importance is reflected in the Museum of Sacred Art it houses, offering a fascinating window into the religiosity and art of the region.

The Museum of Sacred Art housed in the church of San Pedro is a living testimony to Tineo’s rich cultural and religious heritage. This unique exhibition offers a revealing glimpse into the town’s past through its sacred art, which includes baroque altarpieces and other liturgical elements of great historical and artistic value. In addition to its religious function, the church of San Pedro stands as a cultural beacon that illuminates the history and spirituality of the region, preserving and sharing its treasures with future generations.

Images courtesy GuiaVisualdelCaminoPrimitivo

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    C. Mayor, Tineo, Asturias
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    Sacred art Museum


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