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Church of Saint Mary

The Church of Santa María de Fuenmayor, built in the early 16th century, stands out for its imposing Renaissance architecture and rich history. Designed by Juan Martínez de Amutio, this hall-plan church houses numerous elements of interest, such as the slender pillars and elegant ribbed vaults that adorn its interior. It also has an outstanding collection of altars, including the altar of Los Ruices and the altar of the Rosary, both made by prominent sculptors of the time. In addition, the church houses important relics, such as a splinter of the Lignum Crucis, and works of art, such as the carving of St. Peter and the main altarpiece, which reflect the deep religious devotion of the community.

Its spiritual relevance is reflected in the majesty of its main altarpiece, the work of Juan de Bazcardo, precursor of the baroque style in the region. This altarpiece, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, shows seven scenes of her life surrounding the titular image, and is enriched with reliefs and carvings of saints. The church has also witnessed important historical events, such as the reconstruction of its tower in 1981 after a fire, evidencing its roots in the community and its importance as a place of worship and devotion over the centuries.


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    Av. Ciudad de Cenicero 1A, Fuenmayor, La Rioja
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    Altars, statue of St Peter

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