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Church of Saint Mary of Gardeny

The church of Santa Maria de Gardeny, once the chapel of the Templar Commandery of Gardeny in Lleida, has its roots in the 12th century, with documented mentions as early as 1156. During the 13th century, it became a prominent religious center, attracting the devotion of the faithful who venerated the image of the Virgin of Santa Maria de Gardeny. Donations from the faithful helped to keep a silver lamp perpetually lit before the altar. In addition, the temple housed a hospital for pilgrims and travelers who passed through Lleida on the important route to Santiago de Compostela. The architecture of the church, with a single nave covered with a pointed barrel vault, shows characteristics of the Provençal school with Cistercian influences.

The interior and exterior decoration of the church is sober but revealing of its historical and spiritual importance. The mural paintings discovered in 1987, despite their deteriorated state, are of remarkable relevance, representing religious scenes and geometric decorations. These paintings, dating from the 13th century, are considered one of the few pictorial manifestations of Templar art in Catalonia and Europe. Recent restorations have uncovered new fragments of wall paintings, adding layers of knowledge about the history and art of this venerable medieval temple.


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    Turó de Gardeny, Lleida
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    Old Templar church

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