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Church of Our Lady of Assumption

The Church of the Assumption in Zumárraga, whose construction began in 1576, had a historical background linked to the relocation of the parish church to make it more accessible to the inhabitants of the area. Despite initial opposition, the new parish was established, and the building experienced numerous delays in its construction, being completed in 1663. It has a hall plan with three naves of equal height, Doric columns and a baroque tower. The main façade, in baroque style, is integrated into a neoclassical portico built in 1826. The interior houses an outstanding rococo altarpiece by Tomás de Jauregui and a processional cross from the 16th century. The church, recognized as an artistic monument, stands out for its Basque Gothic architecture and its cultural and religious importance in the history of Zumarraga.

The Church of the Assumption is a significant example of Basque Gothic and a relevant spiritual element in Zumarraga. Its history reflects the evolution of the community and its connection with religious practices. The rococo altarpiece and the processional cross, together with the baroque Christ by Mauricio Valdivielso, enrich the artistic and spiritual heritage of the temple. The church is not only an architectural testimony, but also a symbol rooted in the local identity, highlighting its declaration as an artistic monument and its role in the religious and cultural life of Zumárraga.

  • Address
    Elizkale 2,  Zumarraga
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  • Visiting Hours
    From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00. Sunday from 9:00 to 13:30
  • What to see
    Baroque Christ

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