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Charterhouse of the Immaculate Conception

The Cartuja Baja de Zaragoza, founded in the 17th century by Don Alonso de Funes y Villalpando and his wife Doña Jerónima Zaporta, is a fascinating example of urban adaptation from an old uninhabited monastery. Located in a rural setting, this monastic complex was gradually transformed into one of Zaragoza’s most unique neighborhoods. With its streets that were once cloister galleries and its park, which occupied the monks’ former cemetery, the Cartuja Baja is a living testimony to the history and architectural evolution of the city.

Built entirely of brick, the Charterhouse of the Immaculate Conception has a rectangular plan surrounded by a fortified wall enclosing the church, the courtyard, the guest quarters and the monks’ cells. Despite the passage of time and historical vicissitudes, important parts of the monastery, such as the church with its plasterwork and baroque paintings, the porter’s lodge and the procuration, have been preserved. The transformation of this former monastic enclave into a vibrant urban neighborhood is a unique case in the urban evolution of Zaragoza, attracting visitors with its fascinating history and impressive architecture.


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    Plaza España, Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza
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