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Chapel of the Third Station

The Chapel of the Third Station of the Via Dolorosa is a site of great historical and religious significance in Jerusalem, Israel. It is located at the crossroads of Al Wad street, marking the site where Jesus is believed to have first fallen under the weight of the cross on his way to crucifixion. Built in the second half of the 19th century, this chapel belongs to the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate and is located on land acquired by Armenian-Catholics from Poland. Funded by donations from Polish soldiers stationed in Palestine during World War II, the chapel features a relief above the entrance depicting Jesus stumbling as he carries his cross.

Inside the chapel, two sculptures by Polish sculptor Thaddeus Zieliensky depict the first fall of the Lord, adding a visual and devotional element to this pilgrimage site. Although this event is not mentioned in the Bible, the Chapel of the Third Station is a powerful symbol of the passion and suffering of Jesus Christ, attracting worshippers and visitors from around the world who wish to connect with the sacred history of Jerusalem.

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      Al Wad St, Jerusalem
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      Tiny chapel

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