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Chapel of the Rapture

The Chapel of the Mystical Rapture of St. Ignatius, located in St. Ignatius Square in Manresa, is a place of great relevance in the Way of St. Ignatius. Built on the premises of the former Hospital Inferior or Santa Llúcia, where St. Ignatius used to stay, the chapel commemorates the episode known as the “Rapture of St. Ignatius”. For eight days, St. Ignatius remained in a state of ecstasy in this place, an event that deeply marked his spiritual life. The popular devotion to St. Ignatius and the foundation of the Society of Jesus in Manresa motivated the transformation of the old hospital into a chapel dedicated to this event, making it an important destination for pilgrims and devotees.

The reconstruction of the Chapel of the Rapture, together with the Chapel of Santa Llúcia, after its destruction during the Civil War, highlights its historical and spiritual significance in the itinerary of Saint Ignatius. Today, a wood carving depicting St. Ignatius recumbent can be admired inside the chapel, while the old portal of the original Gothic hospital serves as a connecting point between the two chapels. The Chapel of the Rapture is not only an architectural testimony, but also a place where pilgrims can connect with the profound spiritual experience of St. Ignatius during his time in Manresa, thus enriching their journey on the Way of St. Ignatius.

    • Address
      Plaça de Sant Ignasi, 1, Manresa, Barcelona
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    • Visiting Hours
      Ask for the keys of the complex at the Pilgrims’ Reception Center (Via de Sant Ignasi 40 – Manresa).
    • What to see
      Chapel of the Mystical Rapture of St Ignatius

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