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Chapel of Santiago

The Chapel of Santiago, originally dedicated to the Virgin of the Snows and later consecrated to the cult of the Apostle St. James, is a small quadrangular building located in the heart of the old town of Lleida, in the Carrer Major. Rebuilt in the 19th century thanks to the impulse of Bishop Tomás Costa y Fornaguera, this chapel is a historical testimony of the Christian presence in Muslim times. Its main façade exhibits a semicircular arch crowned by the Virgin of the Snows, flanked by the figures of St. James the Apostle and St. John the Baptist. Inside it houses a sculpture of St. James, the work of Jaume Gort Farré, which represents the apostle removing the thorn from his foot, as well as a mural by Miquel Roig i Nadal that presides over the altar.

The Chapel of the Peu del Romeu, as it is popularly known, is part of the Catalan pilgrimage route of the Way of St. James, being a meeting point for devotees and pilgrims who follow in the footsteps of the Apostle. The legend linked to Santiago, which tells how he was cured of a thorn in his foot by angels descending with lanterns, is intertwined with the history of this chapel, which since its origins has been linked to the cult and devotion to the patron saint. With its rich history and spiritual significance, the Chapel of Santiago de Lleida continues to be a meeting place for the religious community and a point of reference in the Christian tradition of the region.


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    Carrer Cavallers 2, Lleida
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    Exhibition of nativity scenes

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